Warmer introductions

Know where people are coming from and where they want to go.

Express your personality in a professional context

Share the real you in communities you trust.

Help your community thrive

Communities of givers are proven to help organizations thrive.

Reward Teammates

Helping people feels good. When someone pushes your pull they get recognized publicly for their contribution.

Save Employees Time

Your employees spend time struggling with their needs - getting financial advice, learning Salesforce or finding a good arthritis doctor. PushPull harnesses the collective intelligence and goodness of your workforce to help fellow employees faster.

Keep HR in Touch With Employee Needs

PushPull reports are anonymously aggregated and sent to HR so that they can see what employees need and whether those needs are being met.

Easy steps

1. Make your card

Think about your needs and what you can offer

PushPull cards are used in many ways:
> a new teammate as a way to introduce themselves
> a sales rep as a way to build rapport with sales leads
> an employee to find a local elementary school recommendations
> an intern to find someone to teach them Salesforce
> a recruiter to evaluate if a candidate was a good fit for the company
> or a founder to get an intro to an angel investor

Easy Steps

2. Link your card

Add your card to the places where you connect with folks the most

Add your PushPull card to your email. Also add your card to your Slack bio, Twitter and LinkedIn. The more touch points the more you open yourself up to serendipity.

Vincent Po was so kind to offer me photography lessons!

Manisha Gupta, Eng @ Google

We use PushPull to drive better culture and improve our sales leads

Darshan Desai, CEO @ Plan

It's amazing how I can get my pulls met so quickly by others in my organization. I hope I'm paying it back enough!

Alan Zhao, SWE

As a VC, PushPull is a great way for me to be able to know how to help founders the most

Wesley Friedman, 8VC